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Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Honeycomb Blinds Complement Your Lifestyle

Honeycomb shades come in a variety of pleat sizes, including 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 2" pleat sizes.  Also, available, Double cell and triple cell, light filtering honeycomb for more insulation on drafty windows! Most popular today are the cordless honeycomb with the top down bottom up options, as pictured above.

Sheer fabric honeycomb will screen your view and the light coming through the shade.  Semi-opaque will allow light through the fabric but you will not SEE through the fabric as you will with sheer honeycomb.  And most commonly chosen for bedrooms, blackout has no light coming through the fabric of the shade or room darkening honeycomb shades, which allows for very little light coming through the honeycomb fabric.  Great for bedrooms and theatre type rooms!

Honeycomb shades offer a unique blend of decorative style, versatility, and comfort. Their cellular construction insulates homes against the elements to help reduce heating and cooling bills, and their superior sound absorption will make surroundings quieter and more comfortable. The neutral white backing provides a consistent appearance to the outside.  And, since they're available in a variety of design styles, they can cover just about any window with convenience and style.

Honeycomb shades are unmistakably the most popular window covering on the market. This picture shows an Alta Double Cell Honeycomb. Honeycombs are both affordable and stylish, and with so many colors and fabrics available the sky is the limit. Operating options include standard rectangle, standard cord locks, cordless lift, top down/bottom up and motorization with remote control just to name a few.

With the insulating qualities and with all the options available, honeycomb cell shades offer a wide range of possibilities.  The combinations are endless.

We recommend blackout in the master bedroom and in the media/tv room especially if you have a big screen. The blackout stops the light and completely blacks out the room. The semi opaque are beautiful and allow light in. So consider what kind of light control is best for each room and decide on the proper light control for each situation. 

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